Post Election Reflections

I think it is important for those who name the name of Christ to reflect and pray deeply during this time of great political controversy and divide in our country. We do this, not simply from a particular political point of view, but as those who seek to be witnesses to Christ, regardless of our particular political ideas. 


As Christians we begin with the conviction that : ”government is God’s instrument for caring for the people.” (David Lose, In the People have different points of view as to how that is best done and carried out in the world. 


I know people feel intensely about the recent election, and there remains much division among people, which would be true regardless of the outcome. I’d like to offer the following points as to how we as persons of faith are best able to respond  (these are taken from David Lose’s recent post on In the Meantime. com.) for your prayerful consideration. 


  1. hold government accountable for the care of its citizens and remind office-holders of their God-given responsibility to care for all and particularly for those who are most vulnerable,
    2) imagine that those citizens with whom you may disagree still seek the welfare of the people and world and therefore engage in civil debate about policies, and
    3) hold all of our leaders in prayer because acting in the interest of the larger society takes courage and conviction. Good government, that is, takes a lot of work and all have a responsibility to contribute themselves and to pray for our leaders.

So let us pray and do what we can to participate in caring for all, and in holding our elected representatives responsible to do so.